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Here's the BUZZ from April 2010

Photo of the Week: Aloha, David Archuleta

30 April 2010
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David Aloha!The weather outside is frightful…I mean, delightful! It’s almost May, the month of flowers, and that means warm weather in the Northern Hemisphere. As we fans know, David Archuleta enjoys warm, even humid, weather. But as a frequent flyer, his experience of seasonal changes is often radical. He can be freezing in Utah one […]

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Type Bee: David Archuleta as Romeo or Hamlet?

27 April 2010
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Methinks I hath a midsummer night’s dream. Sirrahs, Mistresses, Cousins, and Hobknockers, gather ye ’round. For I hath an announcement of great import. The city of Murray, Utah, declares a festival in honor of William Shakespeare, whose 446th birthday was observed on April 23. Methinks it a goodsome idea.Wherefore, I beg ye all to hearken […]

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The Song of the Week

26 April 2010
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Songs There is a song David Archuleta performed on American Idol Season 7 in 2008. It was during the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame week and the song David chose was a big favorite of mine. There was a bit of controversy¬†about David’s performance of the song that evening on American Idol, but no […]

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Weekly Buzz: ‘DA Week that Was’ in the life of David Archuleta

24 April 2010
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DA week that was in the life of David Archuleta Media   David’s World   Fandom Follow links above to the relevant sections below. Keeping up with the über-talented, awe-inspiring, world-travelling David Archuleta can be a full-time job. Even the most (D)avid fans among us don’t always have time to follow David. Here are some of last week’s top […]

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David Archuleta sings at BritWeek Gala

23 April 2010
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Last night at the BritWeek gala in Los Angeles, David Archuleta sang the two songs that I had hoped he would choose. “Imagine,” appropriately a song written by British Beatle John Lennon, was an ideal choice because David has redefined the song with his Eva Cassidy-inspired version. “Prayer of the Children,” written by fellow Utahn […]

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