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Founded DA Buzzing.org in mid-September 2008


DA Buzzing.org began on WordPress.com, but I soon found the limitations of not hosting a blog yourself, so on November 1, 2008, I moved to WP.orgĀ  and found a host at Host Monster, appropriately headquartered in Utah. The blog uses the Cutline theme developed by Pearson, with many customizations by me. In early 2009 I commissioned Ron Oden, a Tahoe artist, to create the Honeybee logo and new banners. He also designed the "Make Mine an Archulatte" concept. His artwork is used in the merchandise available at Zazzle.com.


minja: an acronym for my name, Minna Jane.


Because it rhymes with 'ninja', it's another way of saying "Determined Protector" which is what "Minna" means. And that's what I am for David Archuleta! And what is he to me? My inspiration. His voice touches my heart and soul. He may be a teen sensation, but David Archuleta is my "spiritual heartthrob". Innovative and inspiring, his music soars. He is a musical virtuoso for the 21st century. I'm a David Archuleta Fan for Life! haha



I will admit that I have O.D.D. which stands for "Obsessive David Disorder". However, I think of HIM as simply "Our Dear David".



Isn't it difficult -- even impossible -- to choose favorites among David's repertoire? Tomorrow my list will be different, but here are some of my favorite songs.


Top 3 Favorite New Songs:







  • You Can









  • A Little Too Not Over You









  • Don't Let Go







Top 3 Favorite Newer Songs:







  • Zero Gravity









  • Works for Me









  • Somebody Out There







Top 3 Favorite AI Songs:







  • Imagine









  • Think of Me









  • When You Believe







Top 3 Favorite Songs David sang as a Child:







  • God Bless America









  • Nature Boy









  • Don't Tell Me




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