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DA Rules

Your posts may be edited or deleted. Yikes!

Not to worry! Just follow the simple rules of good netiquette, and you will make a valuable contribution here and to David’s musical career.

The Queen Bee has a pet peeve — language she cannot decipher. Please avoid the use of ‘txt spk’; text messaging abbreviations have their place on cell phones and Twitter, but not on a blog. We — that’s the royal ‘we’ — reserve the right to change spelling or grammar to make all posts understandable. It is a good idea to use a spell checker before you post.

Comments are subject to deletion if they meet the following definitions of flaming, trolling, or personal attacks:

  • flaming – messages which are hostile or deliberately insulting
  • trolling – making comments intended to induce an angry response or disrupt the flow of discussion
  • personal attacks – derogatory, profane or offensive messages directed toward a specific individual.

The Admin may close comments on some blog posts.

Some posts might be published for informational purposes and don’t require feedback. To focus appropriately when feedback isn’t needed, comments will be closed on such posts.

Please return to Da Rules from time to time to learn about updates and new features. The Admin (Queen Bee) enjoys tweaking things, and WordPress.org likes to issue software updates from time to time.

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