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David Archuleta delivers ‘Christmas from the Heart’ – CNN.com

10 November 2009
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Today CNN.com’s Lisa Respers France published her telephone interview with David Archuleta. She asked him to talk about his debut holiday album, Christmas from the Heart and to explain what sets his apart from the many already available. David said, he “strived to produce a reverent album of Christmas music.” He could have gone the […]

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The Song of the Week

19 October 2009
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  SongsOK, I know the Christmas holiday is months away, but David Archuleta released his debut Christmas album, Christmas from the Heart, last Tuesday and well, I have been in the holiday spirit ever since. The popular admonishment, “Do not open ’til Christmas,” definitely does not apply for this one! Let me start by saying […]

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Type Bee: DA Home S-t-r-e-t-c-h

6 October 2009
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We’re entering the Home S-t-r-e-t-c-h! David Archuleta’s “Christmas from the Heart” album will be released October 13. The holidays will be stretched out well before Halloween, and for the first time, I don’t mind! Gosh, I’ll probably be listening to “What Child is This?” in February. David Archuleta’s Stretchy Cheeks David recently tweeted that his […]

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David Archuleta Weekly Buzz

5 September 2009
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  pikepss Weekly on David Archuleta Hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Have fun and be safe! This week we have more polls, road trips, big portions at Claim Jumper and Twitters galore! Must try that egg white sandwich! David has been a real Chatty Cathy with his twitters and blogs! Loves […]

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Bully! Pulpit News World Exclusive: Bob Dylan Christmas Album

4 September 2009
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It’s David and Dylan for Christmas! Who would have thought that we would have two holiday albums—one from a teenage singing idol and the other from an elder musical icon. The music business can be full of quirky surprises. Even more surprising, David Archuleta’s album is entitled “Christmas from the Heart” and Bob Dylan’s is […]

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