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DA Honeybees Postcard Blitz

13 October 2009
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DA Honeybees Postcard Blitz is TODAY! David Archuleta has released his first Christmas album today, October 13. He and his production team have been working long hours on this album and from what we hear, Christmas from the Heart will be a holiday album to treasure always. Wouldn’t it be great if David received a […]

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Type Bee: Christmas in Davidland

15 September 2009
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It’s almost Christmas—in Davidland! On October 13 David Archuleta’s holiday album Christmas from the Heart will be playing throughout the land. ‘Tis the season. Time to carve the pumpkins, stew a cauldron of beef, and sew a spooky costume to wear. «Will you be an Angel, Archie, or Honeybee this year?» We’ll string lights in […]

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