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DA David Archuleta Song of the Week

25 October 2010
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Songs The other side of down is up, of course, and the Song of the Week points the way upward in a bouncy, happy style. With David Archuleta’s resonating voice and the upbeat rhythm, “The Other Side of Down” is a positive, yet powerful song. “The Other Side of Down”by David Archuleta Official CD Version […]

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The Other Side of Down is UP

15 October 2010
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Congratulations to the Chilean miners who are finally on the ‘other side of down’. They are all safely up on the Earth once again. What a perfect way to celebrate with this original video made by MOM887! Music by none other than David Archuleta.

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DA David Archuleta Weekly Wrap

9 October 2010
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DA week that was in the life of David Archuleta Media   David’s World   Fandom Follow links above to the relevant sections below. Keeping up with the über-talented, awe-inspiring, world-travelling David Archuleta can be a full-time job. Even the most (D)avid fans among us don’t always have time to follow David. Here are some of last week’s top […]

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DA David Archuleta Photo of the Week

8 October 2010
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Back on Television My television and I are very happy this week. David Archuleta has made several TV appearances to promote his album, The Other Side of Down. On the Regis & Kelly show he explained that the inspiration for his latest single, “Elevator,” was a dream he had about riding an elevator, unsure which […]

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David Archuleta CD Reviews: The Good, The Bad, The Ugh

5 October 2010
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As all fans know soon enough, everyone has an opinion about music. Here are three reviews—The Good, The Bad, and the Ugh?—of David Archuleta’s new music from his sophomore album, The Other Side of Down, released today. The Good This Good review is really an interview with David more than a review of the CD. […]

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