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DA David Archuleta Song of the Week

16 August 2010
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SongsInexplicably, the judges on American Idol took great pains to complain that contestant David Archuleta sang ballads. Even more inexplicably, the producer and one judge chose two ballads, “And So It Goes” by Billy Joel and “Longer” by Dan Fogelberg, for David to sing in the Top 3 performance. Ballads have been sung for centuries. […]

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The Song of the Week

15 February 2010
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  SongsĀ As I write my latest installment for ‘The Song of the Week,’ it is Valentine’s Day. So I was wondering what song I should choose to write about this week. I thought about so many of David’s songs. He sings love ballads so beautifully. The fact is, I am absolutely ‘in love’ with all […]

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