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Because of Him – David Archuleta

2 July 2009



David Archuleta in concert—Photo by Pam Pike

Let’s just call him Tim (real name Tim). An owner of a well–known picture framing franchise in Southern California and one of the most pleasant personalities I’ve met since meeting David Archuleta.  Some months back driving north on the 101 Fwy, I decided the numerous DA memorabilia I had compiled needed to be framed.  So off the fwy I go and a small shopping center appeared, with parking readily available—so unusual in LA county—so I grabbed a spot immediately, edging out a man looking to park for his morning bagel and coffee. Ha! Ha! You gotta be fast here!  Upon entering the shop, I was greeted by a very handsome gentleman with an English accent who asked if he could help me. (I could hear David singing  ‘Heaven’ in my ears.)  Smiling, I said yes please. Instantly I knew he was the right person to engage in my ODD project.

Attentively he helped me decide the most appropriate frame for David’s signed picture of him listening to CRUSH on the radio for the first time. He understood my desire to preserve the special occasion. Without hesitation he asked if this young man was the one from American Idol. His familiarity with him delighted me and I was informed a good friend of his was involved with the British version of AI. Another picture David signed was one of him from the chapstick video I took. Again, Tim appropriately decided how that should be framed since Cook signed the back of it by accident that day in Kansas City so Tim had made an opening on the back to show the signature.  Clever and very thoughtful.

Weeks and months later Tim smiles when I come in and we talk about as he calls him “Mr. David Archuleta” and what we are framing today.  A beautiful framed T-Shirt with Crush sheet music and several pictures of David was arranged by him, which is one of my most special items. Others included Promo CDs that were only given to Radio Stations, also framed with such care and enthusiasm. His kindness in sending me gift cards to reduce the next item is always in the mail within the next few days. We still have a few more items of David we are working on, a collage of pictures I took and especially an autographed left Tennis Shoe I bought at auction. We haven’t quite decided on how we are doing that one, maybe a right Tennis Shoe will be available soon.

Wondering why all this rambling about my ODD projects?  Many of David’s fans especially the “wee older ones” like myself get teased and on occasion bluntly told we spend too much time on David Archuleta.  Perhaps we do!  But which person in my life now would I not want there?  A true and wonderful friend I acquired last December, those I met in Utah, the ones from many fansites, a couple of sweet kids in the United Kingdom, or Tim who always seems interested in talking about David and his talent – maybe David himself?  The answer to that is NONE!

So many friends here and in other countries have enriched my life; like children, they are all special but different!  Parting with even one is not acceptable and the thought of not following David’s career is incomprehensible!  There are some who say, “he is just a kid”!  AGE – A stage of life – One must remember every stage of life has its CHARM – The power or ability to please or delight – (or bewitch).

David is a young man who inspires people to be better children of GOD and shows compassion to those who are old, sick and needy.  An instrument of God sharing his gift of Music and Love!  My kind of kid! Give him up and the numerous wonderful friends I have received because of him, I hardly think so.  Every day brings new and exciting people into my life and with all of you Honeybees and David, it makes it sweeter and sweeter.  Thank you, sweet David, for enriching our lives.

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  • sweetbee | 1 | 3rd July 2009 at 10:57 am |

    What a sweet and wonderful post Pam! I know exactly how you feel. David is one of the most amazing young men I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. he always bring a smile to my face and the world would be alot less beautiful without him.

    I feel so blessed and honored to call the fans of david I have met friends and I hope we keep in touch for years and years to come.

    thanks again for the beautiful post it was heart warming.

  • robin711 | 2 | 6th July 2009 at 2:54 pm |

    Great post Pam. That is so nice about your British gentleman framer 🙂

    I agree about people making comments about our ODD and thats why we have each other and this forum. David has brought together so many people that normally would never have met and that have enriched our lives. Keep on blogging!