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I’ll be back!

23 April 2012



“I’ll be back!” With those words, David Archuleta has departed for a two year mission to Chile for his church. He was very busy just before departure, starring in Nandito Ako, a popular Filipino television show and recording an OPM album entitled Forevermore. Back in Utah, David quickly recorded another album to be released sometime this summer. That one is a collection of classics produced by Emmy-award-winning composer and fellow Utahn, Kurt Bestor. Bestor recently told ABC 4 News that Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge over Troubled Waters” is one of the covers David sings.

David Archuleta with home-made sign

David Archuleta responds to #DA 2014 with his own I'll be back sign

DA Buzzing will keep up with David’s Tweeter feeds as we count down the days until he returns to the world of music. Until that day in 2014, we encourage all David’s fans to continue being fans! Here are just a few things you can do.

A big hearty thanks to David Archuleta for all the beautiful music during the past four years! All the vocals, albums, pop and Christmas concerts, TV appearances, Twitter updates, video blogs, and more! David is certainly a wonderful Idol for all of us who love the bel canto voice. We wish him a great experience in Chile.

Die-hard fans may enjoy learning more about Chile during David’s two-year visit there.

  • The BBC has a nice overview of Chile and its 17 million people.
  • Chile is in the forefront of astronomy. Its high altitude makes the Atacama an ideal place from which to study the origins of the universe. When it is completed next year, ALMA, the Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Array, will have spread 66 radio antennas near the spine of the Andes.
  • Lonely Planet has a review of popular travel destinations in Chile. Just reading about the colored houses in Valparaíso, an oasis in the Atacama desert, Easter Island, and volcanoes at Pucón gives me a feeling of wanderlust.

We could also learn a little Chilean slang. I’ve read about a dictionary of chilenismos, idioms unknown even to other Spanish language speakers.

¡Chao pescado!

Literally: bye fish
Implied meaning: See you later, alligator (Hasta luego)
Example: Al salir uno dice: Chao pescado

P.S. A note: since South America is in the Southern Hemisphere, David will have his first summertime birthday this December!

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  • Katheryn | 1 | 3rd May 2012 at 11:42 pm |

    Thanks, Minna for the post and all the links! David’s last months before departing on his mission were indeed very busy and, unfortunately, they happened to coincide with my busiest time of year at work. I was aware of the television show and the albums, but unable to watch and listen due to my schedule. I look forward to being able to catch up in the coming months.

  • minja | 2 | 7th May 2012 at 10:36 am |

    Thanks for your comment, Katheryn. This summer will be a long, slow wait until the release of David’s new album BEGIN. Well, only three more months! In the meantime, we fans can enjoy rehearing all David’s many recorded songs.