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Beehive Contest

Enter to Win the David Archuleta Beehive Contest This contest has ended. Find out what was hidden in the Beehive.

Guess what is Hidden in Marge Simpson’s Beehive!

Maybe if we turn Marge Simpson upside down, the hidden object will fall out!

It was worth a try, but it looks as though Marge’s beehive is made of steel!


Win Las Vegas Concert Tickets!

Here’s your chance to win two (2) tickets to see David Archuleta LIVE in Las Vegas on July 18. The tickets will be given to the winner by pikepss and robin711, two very dedicated Honeybees who have had the pleasure of seeing David LIVE. They want to give YOU that same opportunity.

All you have to do is…Think, Think! What could it bee? What is hidden under Marge Simpson’s blue beehive?!! It is something to do with David Archuleta—did I have to tell you that? I’ll give you a hint: it isn’t chapstick. So, if you think you know, submit the form below.

The DA Buzzing Beehive Contest officially ends Friday, 3 July, unless we have a winner sooner!

The Beehive Contest will end as soon as someone guesses the correct answer and the winner will be announced at that time. The contest officially ends at midnight PDT (UTC-7) on Friday, 3 July 2009. You have until then to enter and win! You may submit one guess every 24 hours. Your email address is required, so that we are able to contact you, but, rest assured, it will not be published and it will be kept private. In the event that no one guesses correctly by 3 July, a winner will be selected randomly from all eligible entries. The winner will be announced by Monday, 6 July 2009, if not earlier. We will have a winner even if we have to comb out Marge’s hair to find the answer! haha!

Please note: enter the Beehive contest only if you are able to attend the Demi Lovato/David Archuleta concert on July 18 in Las Vegas! Honeybees pikepss and robin 711 are generously giving two tickets to the winner of this contest. Naturally, they want to fill those seats. The concert will be at the Orleans Arena. These free Beehive Contest tickets are in section 4, seats 3 and 4. Section 4 is on the floor to the right of the stage. A picture of the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas

Remember these Simple Rules:

  • You MUST be able to attend the Las Vegas concert!
  • You may submit only one guess every 24 hours.

The Beehive Contest was brought to you by DA Buzzing and Honeybees Pam (pikepss) and Robin (robin711).

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