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It’s All About Character!

13 August 2009



After Season 7 my interest in American Idol diminished, the reasons are too numerous to mention and some so obvious I won’t bore you. But recently by accident I have come across articles about the dissatisfaction a few Season 8 Idols have with the expected fan meet and greets, autograph signing and photo ops. Now in their defense there have been reports of inappropriate behavior on the part of some fans and of course that is not acceptable. The Idol performers should not be subjected to this and should be protected from these situations. My question is where are the security, handlers, AI representatives etc?

My concern however, is the attitude and comments specifically from Adam Lambert and Kris Allen and statements from American Idol spokespersons. We are hearing comments, Adam puts everything on the stage at 100% and is not obligated to sign autographs and meet with fans. He doesn’t feel since they are on a tight schedule with so much to do on tour he has time to meet with fans. That’s not included with the price of the concert ticket. Similar comments from Kris Allen. It must be very difficult to fit everything they are requested to do in the time that is given them. BUT! That is the price you sometimes pay for asking fans to attend your concerts and buy your albums.

Let’s take a step back to Season 7. I remember hearing from most of the Idols they were very busy and had limited time for their required responsibilities. David Archuleta had an even tighter schedule since school was added to his daily routine. I remember hearing him say he had to rehearse late at night because of the little time he had. All of them had similar schedules. But not once did I hear complaints about not wanting to interact with their fans, especially David Archuleta. He was always the first one out and the last one to leave. Taking so much time with every fan making them feel they were the only one. Accepting gifts and thanking each fan for coming and hoping they have a wonderful time. Never a complaint even if one existed, it was never mentioned.

We were spoiled and are spoiled being fans of David Archuleta. He is kind, sweet, humble, considerate, respectful, thoughtful and sincere, underline sincere. He truly loves his fans and enjoys his time with us and also reminds us so often how if it weren’t for us he would not be where he is today. It’s because who he is as a person and his great talent that we watch his back and promote him, buy his album and constantly run to every concert and still want more. He is always there for us and we will always be there for him.

I am sad for those Idols who lack David’s character, their dreams will be short lived. David is one in a trillion and it would be difficult to emulate him. For someone so young he knows what’s important— family, friends, faith and the fans who love him. He is dedicated to his artistry which gives him an edge over many others as fame is further down his list. An extraordinary gifted young man with loads of Character!!!!

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  • sweetbee | 1 | 14th August 2009 at 9:50 am |

    Beautiful post Pam and I whole heartedly agree with you. David is a wonderful and amazing person, not just a singer. I thank God for him everyday. He is truly a blessing.

  • minja | 2 | 14th August 2009 at 4:51 pm |

    It is all about character. True in any profession. Doctors who get into medicine to help others will be more successful in the long run than those who think it’s a fast-track to wealth and fame. It’s the same for artists. David has the soul of a musician and performs at a high level whether he sings for a small group or an arena. In giving his song to the audience, he cannot help but give himself as well. It’s a creative, spiritual experience that David shares with those who hear him. Some entertainers are flashes in the pan–they make a killing and then they are gone. I believe David is here to stay because at his core is the love of music.