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David Archuleta – No One Can Compare! – Sorry Aaron Kelly!

25 February 2010



Let’s put the comparisons to rest about David Archuleta and Aaron Kelly. David knocked it out of the park the first night in the Top 24 and Aaron Kelly barely got to first base. The magic is gone from American Idol and the judges have lost their credibility as one drools over a contestant and another can only say they are really thrilled your’re on the show or you have so much personality.

Apparently personality will win out as I see very little musical talent or artistry with Season 9 contestants. Many comments from Simon during and after Season 7 accused the group of 12 of not having any personality, yet I find they had a great deal of personality and talent. Personally, this Season has lost my interest and I find that only two of the female contestants seem to have a chance of winning the Idol crown.

There is always the chance that voice coaches, hairstylists, wardrobe stylists and makeup professionals can change the direction of this season. But the only change I see coming is the channel on my remote.

From Idol Chatter
Aaron Kelly channels Rascal Flatts’ Gary LeVox

Recommend the producers revisit Aaron Kelly’s painful second Hollywood solo, where he forgot the lyrics to Sarah McLachlan’s Angel.

Chris Sligh will be happy — Aaron’s singing the Rascal Flatts hit Here Comes Goodbye, which he co-wrote. He’s even got his hair spiked like Flatts singer Gary LeVox. He’s a little flat going into the chorus, and he likes to mimic LeVox’s nasal tone. He doesn’t play with the melody as much as LeVox, but he also doesn’t have as strong a voice. He hits the big note, though, and comes down strong, but the ending run is kind of weak. And, honestly, Aaron brought absolutely nothing — not one single thing — original to this song.

And how much does that matter to the judges?

“Bearing in mind that it was your first live show, it actually was a good performance,” says Simon, but he also notes Aaron’s apparent nervousness and lack of confidence.

He’s Kara’s favorite kind of contestant, one who doesn’t have any idea how good he is. “What you do naturally, you can’t teach people that. … I think we’re going to see incredible things from you.”

Randy says he has a huge voice. “Believe in yourself. You can definitely do this.”

“Ditto to all that,” says Ellen, who believes he’ll be on the show a long time.

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  • acdja (unregistered) | 25th February 2010 at 7:42 am |

    If American Idol wants to stay on top of ratings, bring on David Archuleta. Then the contestants can get a look at GENUINE TALENT.

  • cathy (unregistered) | 25th February 2010 at 8:06 pm |

    The only thing David & Aaron Kelly have in common is that they are both young! No one can sing a song with as much emotion and depth as our wonderful David can!!