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Comparing Angels – David Archuleta vs Josh Groban

14 November 2009



Feeling nostalgic this evening, I was at YouTube checking out some songs of David from last year to the present, comparing his voice range and many of the beautiful songs he has given us through American Idol and from his two albums. It occurred to me that so often he is compared to many other singers with many more years of experience and numerous albums; it does not seem fair. Fair it may not be, but still these comparisons are worth a look. Under the same circumstances, would David’s talent and technical vocal ability outreach some of the other gifted singers that are noteworthy?

The most common would be Josh Groban and since his song “When You Say You Love Me” was such a great hit for David on the American Idol Live Tour, I thought it might be fun to compare the two. Now, fans of Josh please don’t get your dandruff up—I have always liked Josh Groban. He is a fine singer, but personally I think David is much better. Many professional voice coaches and others feel Josh’s voice has not been taken care of as it should, and that is a shame. He is a very talented man and deserves a long and happy career. He was also very young when he started singing professionally and has done very well for himself.

This is just one song and I chose David’s performance on July 8, 2009 at the Staple Center at the beginning of the Idol Tour, and not one from the end of the tour, as David definitely got better and better. This one does have a lot of emotions in it but not to influence an opinion like perhaps his performance in Salt Lake City would when we the audience made him cry.

The first video is from Josh Groban singing on his album (studio version) as opposed to David’s live version with lots of noise and screaming from fans. The two are very different versions with different quality of sound, but the important thing to listen for are EMOTIONS from the singers and how their personality is injected into a song.

David has always impressed me with such mature knowledge of music, but he also has such a natural talent on how to sing a song. No amount of instruction or voice lessons could give him the gift he owns—it could only improve his already tremendous technical ability and delivery.

Listen and decide for yourself and see if you feel the way I feel when I hear David sing this song. He takes me away on a journey only Angels know about and brings you back in his pocket. Such a beautiful ride!

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  • Sally (unregistered) | 14th November 2009 at 5:10 pm |

    “Many professional voice coaches and others feel Josh’s voice has not been taken care of as it should, and that is a shame. ”
    Seriously? Who are these voice coaches and “others”? I’d be interested in reading about them and what they are saying. I don’t think he’s ever sounded better. He takes amazing care of his voice and still trains several times a week with David Romano, a professional opera and broadway performer and voice coach. Have you not heard his NOEL CD which sold a zillion copies or his performance in Chess from last year? Also his duet with Placido this year is amazing. Placido says he personally asked him to do a duet on his CD because he’s always loved his voice. Have you heard him live? He is fantastic. I think David is great too with a beautiful voice but why even compare the two, they have completely different voices, Josh has a classical baritone and David a tenor pop voice. Just enjoy all the great voices that are out there.

  • pikepss | 1 | 14th November 2009 at 10:21 pm |

    I don’t believe I said they had the same kind of voices. I suggested listening to the emotions and the personality injected in the song. One of the voice professionals that mentioned Josh Groban’s voice was MasterClassLady. The other voice coach is one who teaches sometimes at Sir Paul McCartney’s school in England, Dean Kaelin.

  • 3cota | 2 | 15th November 2009 at 5:04 am |


    The thing that I loved in David’s “When You Say You Love Me” is the emotions that he puts in the song at just the right moment when and where it should be. I think Josh sounds wonderful with this song but David just reaches down and makes me feel this beautiful song and I love to hear him singing it…like on repeat, not so with Josh.

  • AlexisM (unregistered) | 24th November 2009 at 3:58 pm |

    I personally don’t think that David’s version was better. Josh’s voice is so much stronger and more powerful. Josh has the gift of making singing look so easily. Effortless ,whilst David looks in pain.