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DA Rules

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DA Buzzing’s Users and their Roles

Understanding the levels of capabilities on WordPress can be confusing. Here is an explanation of the main differences between each role.

  • Administrator – AKA Queen Bee – has access to all the administration features
  • Editor – AKA Bee-in-Chief – can publish posts, manage posts, as well as manage other people’s posts, etc.
  • Author – AKA DA Honeybees – can publish and manage their own posts
  • Contributor – AKA Bees-in-Waiting – can write and manage their posts but not publish posts
  • Subscriber – AKA Drones – can read comments, comment, and receive newsletters.

DA Rules for Blog Authors

A warm welcome to the Honeybees and Angels. Da Rules will be as unrestricted as possible. We value tolerance and free expression! We will try to duplicate our experience on Hey! Nielsen where we shared opinions and comments about David Archuleta and his music. We all know how David behaves himself. DA BUZZ is all about David Archuleta!

The Dashboard

How to Write a Post:

  1. Go to DAbuzzing Dashboard.
  2. Click the “New Post” button in the top menu next to your username to open the Add New Post panel.
  3. If you use the Visual Editor, click Alt/Shift+Z to toggle the “Kitchen Sink”. When opened you’ll find a button to Paste from Word. Use that if you like to compose in Word first.
  4. Use tools on the right to preview your work, save as draft to work on later, or Publish right away.
  5. You may post-date your work by clicking on Edit next to the tiny calendar icon in the Publish Status sidebar. Choose a date and time for your post to be displayed, and then don’t forget to hit the Publish button.

Uploading Images, Videos, and other Media

As an Author or Contributor to DA Buzzing, you are free to post your opinions as often as you like. Authors have permission to upload and embed media such as photos and videos, and they can edit or even delete their posts after publication. You may also comment on the opinions of other members. If you like, you can imitate the rating approval/disapproval system on Hey! Nielsen by using the stars bar to rate the post. NOTE: The stars rating tool has been removed but can be installed again if enough of us will use it.

4 Steps to Embed a YouTube Video in a Post — the SHORT Way

1. Go to the YouTube video you want to post and copy the URL code.

2. On DA Buzzing start a new post. Type your title. Tab once to put the cursor in the message area.

3. Paste the URL code. Then add the letter ‘v’ to the http part. Like this:


4. Save, Preview, and Publish!

If you want to embed high quality video (for videos that have them) use httpvh:// instead (Video High).

If you want to embed HD Quality (DVD quality 720p) video use httpvhd:// instead (Video High Defintion).

To embed playlists use httpvp:// (eg. httpvp://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=528026B4F7B34094)

* httpv:// – regular video
* httpvh:// – high quality
* httpvhd:// – HD quality
* httpvp:// – playlist

5 Steps to Embed any Video in a Post — the LONG Way

1. Go to the video and copy the embed code. It will start with something this example:

‹object width="425" height="344"

and end with this:


2. Go to your DAbuzzing profile by clicking on your username in the Dashboard OR clicking the link “Profile and personal options” on the home page. There uncheck the Visual Editor — it’s the first item. Remember to click Update Profile at the bottom of the page.

3. Click Write and type your title. Tab once to put the cursor in the message area.

4. Paste the video code in the message area. Do NOT use the Add media buttons — those are for use with Rich Text editing.

5. Save, Preview, and Publish.

Look at this guy’s video instruction; he talks kinda slowly, but runs through the process. How to Embed a Video.

NOTE: Instead of turning off Rich Text in the profile, you can simply click the HTML tab in the Write composition menu.

Adding a Newspaper–style Caption to Pictures

1. Upload your picture, using the Uploader.

2. On the paragraph (p) tag, use this HTML code to add the class and to give the image width an additional 2px. It will look like this:
class="picture" style="width:000px;"

3. On the image (img) tag, use the actual width and height of the image.

The result should look something like this:

‹p class="picture" style="width:400px;"›‹img src="http://www.dabuzzing.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/planet-david.jpg" width="398" height="262" alt="DA Virtual" /›
David Archuleta, a Virtual Concert at Planet Cazmo.com this weekend. Get your Planet Cazmo avatar and turn up the volume!‹/p›

Adding Style to your Posts

For detailed information on styling your images, please read this helpful guide from the Cutline theme creator. And another guide about creating great-looking posts.

How to Manage your Work from the Dashboard:

  • On the Posts menu choose “Edit” to see a list of your posts.
  • Click on the post you wish to edit from the list available. You may edit or delete.
  • Click on “Comments” in the Dashboard menu to revise the comments you have written.

More on Editing Comments:

WordPress has two basic ways to edit/write comments: from the single post page and from the Dashboard.

1. Single post: on a comment you want to Edit, click the Edit link next to your username. In the Edit Comment box, you can make changes OR to delete the comment, click on Delete in the right sidebar. (it’s to the left of the Update Comment button.)

2. Dashboard: click on the comment icon (a ‘talk balloon’) which will open http://www.dabuzzing.org/wp-admin/edit-comments.php where you’ll see a list of all comments. You can edit only your own comments. When you mouse-over the whitespace below your comment, a list of tools will appear. They include Delete, Edit, Reply.

We have more flexibility here than we had on Hey! Nielsen. We can edit both posts and comments at any time.

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