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David Archuleta – My Mom Is Teaching Me How to Dance To Bachata!

20 February 2010



David twitters: “My mom is teaching me how to dance to bachata. I love bachata.”

David and Lupe Archuleta, MiamiI had never heard of the Bachata until David Archuleta twittered about it and from what I have seen it is a very sexy dance. I am sure there are different variations but the following videos will give you a taste of the Bachata. I would love to see David dancing the Bachata on stage at some point in time! Go David!

This is an education video showing the body movements in Bachata.

This video shows the close body movements associated with Bachata.

This video gives you the hot Latin moves associated with Bachata.

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  • WG (unregistered) | 20th February 2010 at 10:40 pm |

    The 1st 1 would be sooo cute to see him do. The others, not so much. They seem a little too trashy for respectful David.