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David Archuleta – Amazon.com 2008 Review of Album

27 January 2010



It just goes to show that even in the beginning of David Archuleta’s career the reviews were right on! Please read the review of David’s album found on Amazon.com for 2008!

David Archuleta album artworkI have been listening to male singers for over 25 years and have bemoaned the loss of the level of skill that was once more readily available. Sinatra on ballads, Damone for tone, Darin for rhythm, Cook for style and so much more. I agree that David Archuleta’s first album is targeted to his prime audience and that a few cuts are a bit heavy on the production side ( albeit with great recording studio skill ). For those of you, however, who like the art of singing, listen a second or a third time and focus on what David is doing with his voice. His phrasing, his breath control, his modulation during short phrases and his matching of the tone of his voice to the word is remarkable. On some songs, he actually alters the timber of his voice during a long note…listen to how he matches the word ( length of singing ) to the length of the note. Sinatra was wonderful at that so that he sounded like he was really singing words…not speaking them to music. Finally, David does not fish around for pitch…He must have close to perfect pitch and he always in the center of note..not sliding up to where he should be ..that permits him to be clear and to stay with a rhythm so well. On some of the upbeat songs he is using his voice as a musical instrument and not singing around the music. I know that it would not be sound business decision for an almost 18 year old but I would love for him to add a few standards that permit him to infuse emotion in the lyric and make some old songs new again. For example, his “Imagine” will likely be the classic version for many young people going forward. David Archuleta has a rare gift and we should encourage him to use all of his skills to reform the modern definition of a performance standard.

By Joel B. Levine “Jlevine” (mass and quebec)

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5.0 out of 5 stars listen to his skill and then the songs, November 21, 2008

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