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David Archuleta in concert

4 May 2009



I will be going to see David in concert in Tampa on July 31.Yea And to AC NJ n August 22. August 22 I have upgrade passes. This will be the very first time that I will get to meet David in person. I am so happy, but scared too. I have never met anyone before. So we will see how it goes.

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  • minja | 1 | 5th May 2009 at 10:51 am |

    Wow! That’s great news. Seeing David twice, your summer will be awesome! I have seen and met him a few times and each time I stand next to him, the glow on his face warms my heart. He is a true and rare human being. Have lots of fun and tell us all about it when you can compose yourself.

  • China80 | 2 | 8th May 2009 at 6:36 pm |

    That’s great! Sheryl, Sandra and I will see you there!! I know a few more poeple are meeting there. Oh My Gosh!! I am so excited, I can’t wait. I got VIP tickets to this venue. It’s interesting because Tampa is where I first saw David when he was on AI Tour. Since then I’ve seen him in Gainesville and Daytona. I still can’t get enough.

  • bankergin1 | 3 | 10th May 2009 at 5:51 pm |

    I brought 7 tickets for Tampa. I didn’t get vips because it would have been to much money. I am taking my 3 daughters and 2 grand daughters + a friend. We will be on the floor row 27. I hope that they are good seats. I brought them shirts to wear. I was at that AL concert in Tamp. We were so far up and I didn’t like that. So I hope these seats are much better.