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David Archuleta – Why does he smell so good?

17 September 2009




Over the past few months there have been many fans comment on how good David Archuleta smells when he has given a hug at his meet and greets or recently at many of the VIP meets on his summer tour. Having had the opportunity to have hugged him on several occasions I must admit he does smell great.

What is it that goes up our noses when we smell someone? What is the difference from person to person? Well, a possible explanation is different environments. It could be anything: shampoos, conditioners, soap, perfumes, pets, food, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, etc. Scents also evoke emotions through memory associations. Since our memories with David are always positive we remember the scents and associate them with him.

A friend of mine clued me in on some of the scents associated with David because of a kind of lozenges she has given David in the past. So from time to time when we would give him a gift he would have a tin of the lozenges in his bag. They consisted of peppermint, rosemary, lemon, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus. With these scents comes the theory they represent, energy, reminiscence, clean-homey, calmness, warming, stress relief. Oddly enough they represent many of the qualities David has always been indicative of having.

On many occasions we then would chuckle a little because when someone commented on how great he smelled, we knew sometimes it was because of the lozenges we had given him.

When we get the opportunity to see him at his meets and greets it’s now an excuse just to get a hug so we can see if he still uses the lozenges we gave him. HaHa!! Do we really need an excuse? No! But it’s still fun to get a hug!! He also gives great hugs!!!

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  • 3cota | 1 | 17th September 2009 at 6:33 pm |

    Oh! I’m so glad that you post on da buzzing! You find the best pictures. This one is perfect of David and I can almost smell how wonderful his scent is from the photo. So you must have a point there our memories of David are always positive and ‘sweet’ therefore his scent has to be. Right. haha.

  • daffedot | 2 | 17th September 2009 at 10:09 pm |

    Interestingly the lozenges were given to David by Gemzone. They are very expensive. There are 30 in a can and they cost $18.00 They are made in Utah in a city called Lehi. The name of the lozenges are called “Thieves”

    I am the one who told Gemzone (Geri) about the fact that is why he always smelled so good. I had some of the lozenges and I noticed how good they smelled, I remember reading somewhere that some one actually described what he smelled like. I think that it was on fansofdavid.com site long long ago, and their comment was that he smelled like cinnamon and other essential oils as you have described. So one day when I was visiting with Geri I said to her, I know for a fact that David is using your lozenges, and she said, “How do you know?’ Then I told her the story that I have just related here.

    So now you know the rest of the Story. If you are interested in getting some of the lozenges go to http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/index.html

  • robin711 | 3 | 22nd September 2009 at 3:03 pm |

    I can smell David from my computer! You truly have a talent for writing Pam with your desciptions so vivid. David does smell really good, clean, calm and fresh.

    We need to make a potion of the mints and sell them as a perfume, cologne, aftershave, lotion, etc. called Archie (unlike you I am very uncreative!!). Don’t all celebs have their unique scents made into colognes??

  • minja | 4 | 25th September 2009 at 12:58 pm |

    hey, robin711, what a great idea! A David perfume so we can all smell like him. Maybe I’ll put some of the lozenges in my bath water. Do you think it would work?