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David Archuleta’s New Blog – February 9, 2010

9 February 2010



David Archuleta’s Latest Blog

Hey everyone!

So I’ve had a pretty awesome week! I was able to get some time to go down to Florida and help Jordin Sparks out with her charity called Jordin Sparks Experience. It was a really neat experience! What made it even better is that I had my mom come down with me. The event was in Miami Beach and I was born in Miami, so my mom and I were so happy to go back haha. But it was so great because Jordin and I finally got to sing together!! We sang No Air, which is pretty difficult to sing haha. Jordin is such an incredible singer though! I can’t believe I got to sing that song with her. At first when I found out she wanted me to sing that song with her I was thinkin’, “Uh…” lol because it’s such a hard song to sing and I thought I would look like an idiot trying to sing that song with someone who sings that good. It was a real privilege though getting to sing with someone that talented and who sings with that much emotion, and they’re close to my age. But yeah it was a fun event and Jason DeRulo, Chrisette Michele, this amazing 9 year-old pianist Ethan Bortnick, and Sam Moore were there as well, and they were all great people.

Oh man so while I really enjoyed getting to go to the event, I felt like such a loser because my cheek was like a balloon! It was swollen, but there was nothing I could do to hide it. So I just had to deal with all the pictures and cameras and not let it get to me lol. At least I’ll be able to tell where the pictures were taken, because if my cheek is swollen in any of them it means I was on my Florida trip in the beginning of February, 2010. While we were down there though we were able to go to the Miami Children’s Hospital, and it was great getting to meet the kids there. The only thing that made me feel uncomfortable were all the cameras there lol. Not just for my cheek but just how we wanted to focus on getting to talk and meet with the kids. But Jordin was able to ask the cameras to leave once we went to visit the individual kids in rooms to put the focus on them, and it’s cool to see how much Jordin cares about those kids.

While I was at the hospital, I was able to get checked on for my swelling haha. So I was able to get some antibiotics for the infection that I had. I think it had to do with my 12 year molars which are FINALLY coming in now that my wisdom teeth are finally out. But it’s all good because it’s almost back to normal! I can hardly see it anymore. Sometimes you wonder why things like that happen, but it helps you appreciate what you have more and not take it for granted.

Another thing we got to do while we were down there was meet with PeeWee Salinas. We became friends with him when we met him at Nuestra Navidad, and it was good hanging out with him. He’s a Latino artist so if you aren’t familiar with his stuff you can listen to “Qu├ędate.” I heard it on the radio while we were down in Miami which was cool haha. Something that PeeWee, my mom and I got to do was go to the Owl City concert! haha. It was a really fun one to watch and all the band and crew are super nice people. Lights opened up for Owl City and she is one of the friendliest people I’ve met. She is the one who reminded me that while my face was swollen, it will help me appreciate my normal face more lol. But she’s really talented! She has an electronica vibe and you guys should check he rout.

All right, the last thing I did in Florida was visit family!! I got to spend time with mi abuelita, cousins, aunt and uncle and it was just so great. I love getting to see family and spend as much time as I can with them! It was even great driving around with them and going to Wal Mart lol. But I didn’t want to leave, and my mom didn’t either. It just gives us more reason to go back though. So I’m hoping to go back again soon. I’m proud to be born there haha.

This week ahead is back to writing! I had my first day with Lindy Robbins and Matt Squire yesterday and it’s off to a great start! I just felt really comfortable with the song and felt like I wasn’t worrying about trying to impress someone or be anything else. I’m excited for the day when everything’s ready to get the album out for you guys to listen to the new stuff! But I better leave now because as you can see I can write until your eyes fall out. But thanks everyone for your continued enthusiasm about this next project! I will talk to you guys later!

Songs for the day:

February Air – Lights

I had to give 2 Chrisette songs because she’s so amazing.

Best of Me – Chrisette Michele

Blame it On Me – Chrisette Michele

SOURCE: David’s blog posted on Feb 9, 2010

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