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16 February 2009



When David’s cd came out on 11/11/08, I made myself his rep for Englewood, Florida. This is a small town of about 60,000-80,000 people. So I would buy his cds and give them to people that I thought would like him. Well I hope my work is paying off (don’t know but one can only hope). Well today was a great day for me. My husband told me about this family that live in the area and that they had a daughter that went to the high school. So I went to their house and asked this lady there, do you have a daughter in high school, and she said yes, I said o good I have a gift for her. So she comes out to my car and yes I had his cd playing. So I ask her does she have a lot of friends and she said o yes, she is in the band at the school (it couldn’t get any sweeter than that) So I hand her 3 of David’s cds and 3 of his albums gifts that I get off itunes, and 8 ALTNOY from itunes. I told her to tell her daughter to give them to all her friends. She said O my God thank you. She said why and I said I am a huge fans of his and this is what fans do. Then I said do you know of him — he was runner-up on AL. She said I thought I heard that name. Then I said listen to him sing and she said I can understand the words and there are no bad words. And I said o no you will never hear that from David. Well she thanked me again and gave me a hug. So I hope tomorrow when school starts back up that there is big big buss going on here in this little old town I live in. So yes I had a great David day today.

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  • goboywonder | 1 | 17th February 2009 at 5:58 pm |

    That’s way cool!

  • minja | 2 | 18th February 2009 at 5:25 pm |

    Good job, bankergin! Every artist needs to have a circle of dedicated fans just like you. When you give someone David’s CD, you never know how wide the circle will grow.