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David at Rio Tinto

8 June 2009


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Exciting Saturday evening at Rio Tinto with David’s concert and the great Soccer game.  David singing the National Anthem was obviously one of the highlights even though there was a sound fail with their system momentarily.  The crowd was buzzing around excited and young fans were all around jumping up and down giddy with laughter.  We all know who they were there for, oh yes, there was a great Soccer game in between David’s appearances, but for many it was only David we were wanting to see. 

Game Over!! Then they announced his name and the crowd went wild and he dashed on stage with that great smile and bursting energy waving and singing Touch My Hand! A few minutes before he arrived on stage they let some of the crowd in to surround the stage and young ladies were jumping the gated fence to get in, some made it, others were sent back as they only allowed some on the field.  And I might say many older fans went on the field as well; astonished male companions had this look of bewildered but supportive approval.  I saw several male fans jump the fence as well as their sisters and mothers. Trust me, I would have been one of them but we had three small kids with us and jumping a fence would not have been a pretty sight. 

After a few more songs he sang Zero Gravity and then the whole crowd was jumping up and down singing along. He certainly can get a reaction out of his fans with that number.  He was fantastic as usual and thanked all his fans in Utah and all of his visiting fans.  It was not long enough but we enjoyed every moment he was on stage. 

Looking forward to his summer tour with Demi Lovato — opening for her or co-tour, whichever suits your fancy — nevertheless, it will be an exciting summer starting off with the Del Mar concert next week.  Hope to see some of you there!!

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  • minja | 1 | 9th June 2009 at 1:28 pm |

    Wow! I would have been on pins and needles during the soccer game in anticipation of the real REAL show! Thanks for telling us all about it.