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David is so good at what he does!!!

2 December 2008



David is so good at what he does!!!

David can sing a song so beautifully and with so much feeling and conviction, that he would have you  believe that he has actually been in love, had his heart broken, felt desperate and might even know what it is like to feel so much despair in your life, that you could end it all!    From the songs “You Can” and “To Be With You””,  to “A little Too Not over You”,  “Desperate” and “Falling”… David Archuleta has the ability to put so much emotion and power into each song, that he really has you believing that he has felt all these things in his short 17 years of life.  He has such a gift for interpreting the music, and he is like an actor giving you his best and most believable performance, as he sings the song.  A true and gifted singer, he is a master at his craft.  Such a pleasure to experience, and he captures me every time.   He is so good at what he does!!

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