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David is winning them over, as Demi’s “opening act”

29 June 2009



I had the pleasure of seeing David perform at the Hartford, CT show on June 21st, 2009. This was the first show on the tour and I must say David was, as usual, simply amazing! However, I am still having trouble believing that David Archuleta is the opening act. I know it really doesn’t matter, because David shines on that stage, and he is winning many people over. I witnessed that myself.

When I got to my seat at the venue, all around me were Demi Lovato fans. I struck up a conversation with almost all of them. Here was my chance to talk to them about David. Most had said they knew who he was, but many had never heard him sing anything other than “Crush”, on the radio. They most certainly had not seen him perform ‘live’. I assured them that they were going to be blown away by David, though I am pretty sure they did not believe me.

As the lights dimmed and it was time for David and his band to take the stage, I felt so much excitement rise up inside me. This was it, the time when these Demi fans were going to be absolutely amazed at David and his voice.

David came out singing “A Little Too Not Over You”. When he was through, there was thunderous clapping and screams everywhere. The power and emotion in his voice, and the way he hits the notes is really something to behold. With each new song, I began to hear some comments around me like… “Wow, he is really good!” and “Aw, he is just too cute, I really like him!” And with each song David performed, the comments from Demi’s fans kept getting better and better. They really liked David!

As David’s time on the stage was coming to an end, he sang “Apologize” while he accompanied himself on the piano. I saw these Demi fans watch in awe and I heard one comment, “I think I like the way he sang that better than the original. Man he has a beautiful voice!” I was so happy that they were getting it. They were experiencing the power of David Archuleta, because hearing David sing really is something very special, and now these Demi fans were understanding that.

When David was finished, some of the Demi fans commented to me that I was right, he is an incredible singer and they wanted to go out and buy his album. I was not surprised! Honestly, there are not many singers, in my opinion, that sound better ‘live’ than on a recording, but David is one of those singers!

Yep, David may be the “opening act” but he is gaining new fans every time he hits that stage. He is leaving them wanting more! He really is irresistible. He won’t be an opening act for long, I am sure of that! 😉

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  • minja | 1 | 29th June 2009 at 8:18 pm |

    David and his golden voice will stand out anywhere — in a small club or in a cavernous arena — as a solo artist or the 100th performer in a world-wide sing-athon! It is David and his gorgeous pipes that the audience will remember. And you know, I think, for David it hardly matters so long as he has good material that he feels compelled to sing. As time goes by and he is writing and developing more music, we fans may not get the chance to see him in the smaller venues.

  • pikepss (unregistered) | 30th June 2009 at 7:58 pm |

    Exposure, Exposure, Exposure, the key word we all need to remember. More and more people will become fans when they see and hear David in concert. For all those people who said they didn’t like David opening for someone else, well most of us feel the same way, but it gives him the opportunity to gain fans that may not necesssarily have purchased a ticket just to see him. When you see and hear David, you love him and are hooked, then there is no turning back.