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David Singing O Holy Night

8 December 2008



As previously mentioned  I attended the private performance at the Tree Lighting Ceremony in Hollywood Saturday night.  His performance was outstanding as you are all aware of since many have posted on youtube.  I did post O Holy Night on youtube as it was a closeup of him singing.  Just basically a head shot as I was so close chest up against stage I could not focus him all in.  It turned out to be quite something to watch as his facial expression are so prominent you are not distracted by anything else.  I am not very savvy about giving you the post here but on my channel youtube pikepss or just type in the song title.  I keep watching it over and over again and I filmed it.  Have not seen one so close before so its quite lovely to see.  He sang seven songs so now I don’t feel cheated by not attending the Jingle Ball in sacramento.  He is just so good there are not words to adequately describe his voice.  He takes you to that special place he sings from and gentley brings you back mesmerized.  A beautiful night for everyone.

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  • sallyb13 | 1 | 9th December 2008 at 6:10 am |

    How wonderful Pikepss that you were able to go to the tree lighting ceremony and be sooo close to David!!! He sang such a nice selection of songs. I’ve seen some of the videos from the program but haven’t seen the ones you filmed. Thanks for letting me know about them and I’ll check them out on your youtube!!

  • Rika | 2 | 9th December 2008 at 4:16 pm |

    OHN was amazing, when I watched from the youtube vid, it calms my soul, but my heart was bursting with JOY. How Joyful to hear David sing. Amazing! the best word I can describe him. thanks pikepps for sharing.

  • minja | 3 | 9th December 2008 at 4:45 pm |

    Oh my! Thank you, pikepss for sharing this awesome performance. The closeup on that beautiful face matches the beauty of his voice and his sweet soul. I just love the very soulful second verse, don’t you? Do you mind if I provide the link: pikepss YouTube video for everyone?