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David’s Mission

8 August 2009



david sitting

The above picture struck a cord with me tonight, apologies, I don’t remember where I found this! David sitting and smiling just like so many other kids. Yet, he’s not like other kids, he’s special. As much as we comment on him being “Just David,” which he is, he is still special! He’s special to us (fans), his family, friends and to God.

Many people question if he’ll go on his mission when he’s 19 as his Church recommends. But there are those as well as David who believe God gave him this glorious gift of music and he is already on his mission doing what he should be doing. Bringing joy and happiness to those of us that need that “someone special”, to intrigue us, delight us and reminds us who we should be as people. His character is above and beyond reach with his compassion, humility and his gentle spirit. David sees things differently than most of us and he excludes a sense of calm and serenity. Because of him I feel and see things differently too.

Why did he come into our lives? Maybe we needed a different direction or path to follow. He certainly has lit the way for me. My life has changed, I have more of a oneness with God than I have ever had before. By his example I have changed as a person and for the better.

He has inspired me to feel what he feels and see what he sees. He is an inspiring young man and I am looking forward many years from now to see how he has changed the world. Waiting on the World to Change, maybe that song wasn’t such a coincidence after all!

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