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David’s New Album

22 May 2009



Dean Kaelin sent out an update with his E-Book.

David is already working on songs for his second album and I am anxious to hear what this album will sound like.  When he recently had a week off after his solo tour, we got to write a bit and David got to experiment with some of the ideas he has in his head and some of the sounds and beats he thinks would be good.  There is a bit of discussion going on however about the direction of this album.  I think David would like to do something more acoustic, with some of the beats and sounds that he has heard in some other artists and things that he really likes, but the label seems to want him to do a more “dance groove” kind of CD.  David can see the good of both approaches since at a concert the fast stuff goes over very well, but he still likes other sounds as well.

I sincerely hope they can find a compromise, as David deserves to experiment with his ideas and sing the kind of music he loves.  No matter what is decided I am positive his second album will be exciting and wonderful just like David.

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  • minja | 1 | 25th May 2009 at 4:15 pm |

    The second album — David will be a sophomore in the recording industry — YAY!!! It will be so exciting to hear his new tunes. I do hope he will have much greater input because I totally trust his judgment and his musical ear.