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Dinner with David

13 February 2009



To all my fellow Honeybees, I am flying tomorrow morning into Utah for the Dinner with David.  It took several hours to decide what to wear and finally a decision was made.  Gloves, scarfs, boots, coats, toe warmers, hand warmers, ear muffs, and the extra warm PJ’s and socks are all packed and ready to go!  Now the other suitcase has all of the real clothes I’m taking.  Oh yeah, this real heavy coat I have to carry on the plane will probably take up another seat.  Yes, I know you are probably laughing, this California resident, did she even have all this?  Well, some of it; the tag is still on the coat I bought in New York, another trip with snow.  Boy, I would not do this for anyone else except David Archuleta.  I am so excited to be going and spend time in a more relaxed quiet setting.  I spoke to my friend who I will be staying with and made sure we would be taking a trip to the mall so I can get my Build A Bear and she definitely has that on her itinerary for Saturday.  I hope to have some interesting comments or a story or two to tell all of you when I get back and I will tell him how many wonderful Honeybees wish him the best!  Talk to you soon!

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  • minja | 1 | 13th February 2009 at 7:31 pm |

    Bon voyage! pikepss! I am soooo very happy for you! Have lots of fun and a safe trip. You will love Utah — it’s gorgeous. And dinner with David…well, that is an excellent reason to fly to SLC, I must say!

  • lettucegirl | 2 | 13th February 2009 at 7:55 pm |

    OMG! Wish you all the best pikepss! XD Have a BLAST! but im pretty sure you will coz David will be there 😀
    Have a safe journey! and God bless!

    PS: pls take TONS of pics and vids 🙂 thanks in advance!

  • goboywonder | 3 | 17th February 2009 at 6:07 pm |

    I’m so excited for you. How was it? I read Larissa’s (partial?) account, but I want to hear what you have to say too.