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Expectations too high

10 February 2009



Are my expectations too high. I worked so hard this weekend and spent a lot of money to try and get David’s ALTNOY higher than it got. Sometimes I think that no matter what we do someone out there is holding David back. Are we fighting a brick wall or is it just me?

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  • Katheryn | 1 | 10th February 2009 at 6:54 pm |


    I too have felt discouraged at the slow progress of ALTNOY, especially when I hear new songs added on the radio that do not compare favorably in my opinion. However, my instincts tell me ALTNOY has been held back on purpose — by Jive and by David’s management. I remember reading a comment by someone who had read on FOD that the big push for ALTNOY started with David’s radio promotions in Florida. Remember how “Crush” first played only on the East Coast, and then eventually picked up play in other parts of the country, with the West Coast, and California in particular, coming last? Once David is a more established artist, airplay will come faster and without as much effort on our part.

    Secondly, I believe with all my heart God has a hand on David’s career, and that obstacles and barriers placed in his path will eventually be torn down, supernaturally if necessary. Whenever I start to feel discouraged (about this or anything else for that matter), I remember that I must fall back on my faith. So far, things are moving along quite well for David. I cannot recall any other Idol artist who premiered on a cable television program and sang the National Anthem on network television all in the same weekend! Quite a feat!

  • goboywonder | 2 | 10th February 2009 at 9:54 pm |

    Yeah, me too on both accounts. Sometimes it seems like “they” whoever they may be are trying to shut David out. Especially when I listent to my local star101.3 station on the way to work, they always recap AI or mention something about it yet they seem to never ever mention David’s name. David did an excellent job of singing the SSB and it just seemed natural for the DJs to say something about it when they were hyping up AI–NADA. But when I start feeling down (or worse, angry) I remember that God is in control and that David has faith to believe everything will go according to HIS plan. I also think about how relaxed and happy David is about all of this and it is his life and dream. Then I have to step back and say “it’s all good”, and I’m ok until I hear one of the other idol’s songs on the radio and I stew because I have only heard Crush played once apart from the AT40 and that was on a small station from a small town not a mega station like star101.3 out of San Fran. Thank you for listening I do appreciate having a place to voice how I feel without being made to feel like I’m a “rabid” fan with cockamamie conspiracy theories. And no, bankergin, I don’t think it’s you, there seems to me to be some resistance to David when it comes to airplay. See again I have to calm myself and remember the scripture that says, “your gift will make room for you” and we know that David is very gifted.