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4 January 2009



Watching season 7 of AI all over again as if it was the first time. You know the outcome but the anticipation of David singing is so overwhelming you do get that tingling feeling all over. He is so amazing you are sorry it’s over so quickly. Drug addictive still doesn’t come close to what you feel awaiting the next moment you are going to hear him. All you know is that you want more and when you get it it’s still not enough. What a feeling! Perhaps if we just listen to David and all of the little Archusims he uses it correctly discribes how we feel about him. Gosh! Wow! I think I have mentioned I love this young man but I’m not sure that’s even says it correctly. When it comes to David and his hyptonic ability to capture our emotions and transcend his through song there are no words that come to mind. But I will continue to search for the right ones, for now I will just use phenomenal.

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