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David Archuleta + American Idol – It Was For The Love Of Music!

22 February 2010



David Archuleta’s eyes reveal his love for Music!

“That tingling feeling again, I only get it when I sing!”

close up of David Archuleta singing

Over the last few weeks watching American Idol, I was surprised by most of the reasons the contestants gave for being there. The obvious reason, they like to sing! The most common explanation was to care of their family, for their child or parents—admirable reasons for wanting the title. What was missing was the love for the music. Has singing become just a job with good pay and fame?

From the beginning David Archuleta always said he loves music and feels it with such emotion. His passion for singing and wanting others to feel what he feels when he sings has been his priority. Transcending music’s emotions to his audience is what he does best. He takes us on that flight, a journey for our soul while he is singing and brings us back better than we were before.

All his life, he has been in love with music! It’s hard to explain, but nothing captivates him more than the feel of the sound, the beat of the rhythm, and the stride of the notes. It causes everything in him to sing. He can hear a song and his whole body begins to move. I mean, even if you don’t see it moving, it’s grooving to the sound.  It doesn’t matter what he’s doing, unconsciously he begins to sing. His love for gospel music is so apparent because God is present in his life. Through music God has taught him how to love and worship him. He has shown David his love and compassion through music. I don’t think words could describe the way he feels about anything the way he can express it through music.

So their reasons to be on American Idol are for family, parents, child or possibly that fifteen minutes of fame Andy Warhol said we all get. Maybe—but for some it’s the pure love of music and the feeling of emotions that call them to sing.

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