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Love the Hat

28 May 2009


Mood: Laughing!

It may just be me but the Samurai Cookoff was the cutest thing David has done so far. The expressions on his face and the awkwardness were just to die for. I can only imagine what he was thinking as he was chopping up onions and when the other chef set them on fire I rolled on the floor laughing as David backed away quickly with a look of  astonishment as if he had never seen that happen before. 

What makes David so cute – his ability to look so innocent when something happens,  his thoughts whirling around in his head as he  trying to do something else, or the look in his eyes saying why do they have me doing this?  No matter what he does he is the center of attention and makes me laugh at every gesture.  Love, Love, Love the Hat!!!   You can cook for me anytime!!!  Gosh what a great moment for all of us to see!!!!!

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