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Loving David Archuleta keeps me sane

4 December 2008



Taking care of the elderly 24/7 I need some one like David in my life.

Every spare min. I have is used looking up any thing David.I have never had a fan. David is my first and only

one that I will ever have. It is a lot of work being a fan. But for David I would do any thing.  I think about him every min. of everyday. He makes me happy, laught and some times cry.

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  • 3cota | 1 | 4th December 2008 at 6:59 pm |

    Hey! You are so right… I believe we all need David in our lives! I’m so happy I know him. He just makes me happy!

    I’ve never been a “fangirl” either and I believe we waited to the perfect singer!

  • dorothyjohnson | 2 | 8th December 2008 at 1:44 am |

    I have to congratulate you. I was a full time care giver for my parents in their home for 6 years up till 2006. When my father passed away.

    I know that it was my mother (also deceased in 2005) who got in my head and directed me to listen to idol, because of David. I have to say loving David makes me realize what. Beauty and Music and Art is all about. He is the joy that gets me through each day.

    My story about my mom and American Idol is one I will post soon