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My experience in Boise, Idaho

23 March 2009



Ok, here are some of my thoughts and experiences going to David’s concert in Boise.
First of all, I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah, and I was planning on getting tickets to the Idaho Falls concert, which was much closer to home. But, since they sold out in, like, 5 freaking seconds! I panicked and hurried and bought 4 tickets to the Boise show. And, even though the venue management sucked, I’m very glad I did. grin.gif I dragged my sister, her daughter 16 and my nephew who is 11 and a fan of David’s, along for the adventure.
We were suppose to meet several online friends for lunch before the show at the venue, so we went and stood in the line for the VIP- shoptext (or something like that) and restaurant line. They claimed that if you ate at the restaurant you would get in after the VIPs. Well, minutes before they opened the door, management came out to lay down the rules. First VIP were to go to the VIP lounge, then the shoptext people, followed by the restaurant goers. Also, you must be 21 or older and to present your ID. fear2.gif Okay, panic mode again, I had two minors with me. Luckily, I was not the only one in this predicament. After a few concerned shouts from parents, mad.gif telling them that we were promised (which we were, there was a local in my group who kept running down to the establishment, asking questions from all us online friends). Management quickly shuriken.gif realized to allow all in that line through that door. But, minors and GA could not go to the VIP lounge, so my online group was split up. sad.gif . Poor Knitting Factory was not prepared for such a large number of people. They ran out of food, cups and tickets that showed you purchased food and would allow you early entrance. There were 8 people at my table and the waitress only had 5 tickets. But it really didn’t matter because the restaurant goers still got to go in before GA. (Food was bad, bathrooms were worse.)
They opened the curtains to the stage area and there was a mad dash, as people tried to stake their claim on the most valuable piece of Real Estate in Boise. I wanted the balcony, but David’s family & friends were there that night, so unless you had VIP, you were sent down below and that is how I was stuck 4 people back from the stage. GA came in and everyone was drenched, so it must have rained. So here we were, a giant mass of humanity, squished and stuck like this for over an hour, waiting for the concert to start. A mother with 2 teenage sons wanted to check on something and told her sons to save her place. roll2.gif funny lady.
A poor teenage girl was feeling sick and had to leave. The crowd had the fluidity of water, as soon as there was a hint of space, the crowd would instantaneously fill in the gap. My nephew was stuck behind two extremely tall women. I tried to get him in front of me, but one of the women noticed him, grabbed him and put him in front. (man, to be 11 and 4 feet again) I want to throw out a thank you to her. I didn’t get your name or where you are from and I was only able to give you a short little ‘thanks’ as the crowd was making its way to the exit after the concert. It was my nephew’s first concert experience and you helped make it much more enjoyable and memorable for him. THANK YOU! flowers.gif
Lesley Roy came on and rocked the house! I really enjoyed her performance. The crowd was really enthusiastic and jumping and dancing along. I think Lesley and her band were really feeling it too.
I had read from other concert posts that she had edited her song Psycho B***H, and the first part of the song she was singing Psycho case, but the last chorus she was really rocking and started singing Psycho B***H. oops.gif haha.gif Not that the crowd seemed to mind.
Now we are all waiting for THE MOMENT. Stagehands come on and clear the stage and set up for David’s w00t.gif
There was a slight breeze from a fan that my sister and another woman laughingly called Sacred Air and tried to coax it down to the hyperventilating masses.
Lights dim, crowd roars and the music starts. I am no longer part of this Earth, I am in a small ,sultry, sensual universe where every fiber of my being is on red hot alert to register every sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. And the first thing to register, David must be working out. He looks really buff in the chest and upper arm area. haha.gif
David is singing Touch my Hand and where I was 4 people deep, now I am 6, as the crowd swells forward.
David sang, stomped and danced all over the stage and the crowd was eating out of his hands.
I had told my sister before the concert, that Simon Cowell had said David was boring and had no stage presence, during the concert, my sister turned to me and said matter-of-factly “Simon Cowell is an ass”.
After the song, David was showing Lesley Roy some love, and much to his surprise, she rushed on stage and grabbed him in a big ol’ bear hug. David laughed and hugged her back huggy.gif
While the whole concert was spectacular, the hi-lites for me were- A little too not over you, I love that song!
Please everyone, keep requesting; and WOW! “Don’t Let Go” David gets so into this song. I wanted video of this and I thought I was recording but somehow wasn’t. censored.gif When he sang “Como la Flor”, it was so beautiful! I didn’t want to filmĀ  or clap or sing along. I just wanted to stand there and soak it all in.
I think it’s the best I have ever heard him sing. My sister told me how she was looking at Mike who was watching David sing and she said he had the look of a proud father watching his son perform.
“Crush” had David all over the stage and the audience was dancing and singing along. And, of course, the HI-LITE of the whole show – Zero Gravity. That is such a fun song and the audience was feeling it.
David was in perfect form and the audience was electric!
So in the end, I did not get a comfortable position in the balcony above the madness, where I could shoot my videos in peace. I was part of that madness. I was wet! my feet and legs were killing me, not to mention my arms and my heart and soul were filled with so much JOY; I loved every second of it! I loved Alex and him pretending to be a rock god! I loved watching my nephew jumping up and down in excitement. I loved how David seemed to come out of a trance at the end of “Don’t let go”. (Oh yeah, he snuck in the line from The Fray again). I loved seeing a tear trickle down a woman’s cheek while David and Kendra sang “To be with you”. I loved meeting all the wonderful fans and sharing stories with you. I loved this trip and I wish I could do it over again.

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  • robin711 | 1 | 24th March 2009 at 8:07 pm |

    I can totally relate to your experience. I was at the Pomona concert and felt like I relived it reading your blog. I am still thinking about what a great time I had and love reading about others experiences.