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My Special Christmas Gift

25 December 2008



Although my sister is very fond of David’s talent she has always given me a hard time about being overly obsessive when it comes to him.  Time and time again she would always joke about it and give me a hard time.  Christmas Eve I gave her a collectors edition of the new Harry Potter book which arrived from England just in time.  She was very pleased and excited and then said I have something special for you.  She handed me a little box and inside was a hand made silver beaded with boxed letters key chain that said David Archuleta with a silver heart at the end.  She had bought all the boxed letters and made it herself.  Tears definitely came rolling down as I told her it was the best gift she could ever give me.  The fact that she took the time to make it and it was all about David Archuleta meant more to me than she will ever know.  Sometimes it not necessary that everyone feels the same about someone, it’s enough that they know you do.  Love is unconditional.  May all of you have a warm and blessed day.

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  • Cathy | 1 | 25th December 2008 at 6:04 pm |

    It is very special when someone understands your passion and takes interest in what makes you happy. It was such a thoughtful gift and I can imagine your excitement at receiving it.
    I think it’s awesome! Your sister rocks!