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Omaha Concert

16 August 2009



At 3:00am we left for Los Angeles International to catch our flight to Denver then another to Omaha Nebraska. Our flights were great and when we arrived at the Hilton Hotel in Omaha a lovely young woman checked us in and asked if we were here for the concert! We said yes and she proceeded to tell us how her son looked liked David Archuleta! Such an opportunity, I handed her a promo card and she smiled and said Thanks. It was apparent David had a fan at the front Desk of the Hilton Hotel in Omaha. We freshened up in our room and left for the VIP Meet and Greet.

At the VIP Greet there was a small group 30 or so and as usual many return fans. It felt like old home week as I ran into some fans I originally met back in August and September 2008 at the Kansas City and Tulsa Concerts. Great catching up with them and reminiscing about those American Idol Tour days. After a short wait David entered the room looking a little sleepy but knowing he just came from soundcheck as we were lucky enough to hear him as we were just a few feet from the arena in a special VIP area. How lucky was that, at least 3-4 songs we got to experience and he was fabulous. He was having a difficult time with his allergies and could hardly breathe and kept apologizing and stepping out to clear his throat. He sang “A Thousand Miles” and a duet with Ashley “Lean on Me!” When he spoke you could tell he was miserable, yet when he sang it was unbelievable. During this meet and greet he mentioned he was hungry, he is always hungry, and said he had not eaten all day so he grabbed some food. The photo ops went quickly and you could tell he wasn’t feeling good at all. David left and we were introduced to Mike and Dave from the band and they helped with the raffle and stayed for pictures. They both are very charming.

Kristin the host then asked if we would like to go to our seats and showed us where to go. Ninth row center, great seats, as the first seven rows are reserved to Demi’s fans. Security was a dream, very nice and polite. Then the music started and we waited and the music became more intense and then David appeared on stage and sang his heart out, he was unbelievable. I never saw him so energic, bouncing on stage as if he had rocket shoes on and beaming from ear to ear. WOW! Where did those pesky allergies go? Amazing performances! Zero Gravity was awesome and the screams for him were deafening! The only time I noticed a voice strain was a couple of high notes with Apologize, but even then he was on the mark! At the end he sang Crush and the crowd went crazy in love! Then so quickly it was over! You stood there looking at the person next to you in awe and asked, “What just happened?” Did we just experience the most amazing performances ever? Yes we did! Sick or not David is the consummate professional and gives us – something from his heart – his music soul! Sometimes you wonder if he is a twin and it’s all been an organized coverup and that there are really two of him! But we all know there are many sides to David. One being the shy “Just David” and one the gut wrenching, bowl you over, give it your all performance who never disappoints us. After the concert in the hotel lobby fans were still talking about the experience. I wonder if I will look back years from now and say it was the best concert I have attended, probably not, as David just gets better and better with experience and still has so much more to show us. David puts me in mind of that Dreamsickle we would get from the ice cream truck as kids. As you enjoyed the outside layer you knew in time you would reach the inner core and the best part was savored until the next Dreamsickle was experienced. I can’t wait for the next experience.

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  • minja | 1 | 18th August 2009 at 4:23 pm |

    Great story. I’m glad you had a good trip and didn’t have any bad weather. The VIP for only 30 people must have been fun. Almost like a private conversation with David — except that he probably didn’t talk much.

    His transformation from a sick, sleepy puppy into a high-energy singer in a matter of a few hours is nothing but astounding. And you got to witness that. Amazing! I’m sure you won’t forget it. If you haven’t forgotten those yummy Dreamsickles, you won’t forget David LIVE.