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Prince Charming

31 May 2009



We all have different qualities that make us who we are – some we’re born with, others we acquire as we prance or stumble through life. There’s one single quality that stands out among all others in leaps and bounds. This quality is charm. You’ve known people who have it and you wonder how they seem to be so positive, so upbeat, so energetic, so joyful – how their lives seem to be so…well, charmed. What’s going on and how do we get some of this great stuff called charm?

David Archuleta is among those who were born with this elemental quality of charm. He makes people want to emulate his every action, ‘every little thing he does’. This kind of influence over others is amazingly powerful. Imagine, charming others by the way you live and breathe, aspiring others to be more of what they are, inspiring them to believe in their own dreams. This sounds like immense responsibility. But, I think this is where charm differs from other qualities. Charm imbues David with the sensibility of knowing his presence is real. He isn’t constrained by a sense of being someone he is not. Charm doesn’t feel like a ‘heavy load’ for David; on the contrary, it feels like a ‘load of pure fun’.

It’s interesting that the word charm, as a noun, means ‘keepsake’, a memento, a reminder, a token. In a nostalgic tradition, we seek to be part of, to hold dear, that which most resembles our cherished beloved. In the end, charm as a noun and charm as a higher dimensional element both lead us to the place where our hearts open to that which is good in life.We are drawn to David as if drawn to light.

As a fish that jumps from the pool to get a better look at the beautiful butterfly, we take a leap out of ourselves and, for a moment, glimpse an elemental transformation as we are charmed, in turn, by Prince Charming David Archuleta.

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