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Review of Glendale Arizona Concert

10 July 2009



from The Daily Advertiser – by Ed Masley 7/10/2009 – The Arizona Republic

American Idol Fans were treated to a warm-up set by David Archuleta, whose wholesome boy next door appeal was not lost on the girl whose sign read “David, take me to the temple.” And the likeability that helped him make it to the “idol” finals was in full effect.

But Archuleta’s set felt tentative and slightly amateurish compared with the 16 year old at the top of the bill.  The vocals were there for the most part, although Randy Jackson may have had to tell him “That was pitchy dawg” a few times early on.  And the songs were fine for what they are.  But there was nothing to suggest that he could ever hold his own against Lovato.


This review really hit a sore spot with David’s fans and they literally blasted this reviewer to no end…..many comments from fans were…..

So Off Base!   Missed the Mark on David Archuleta!  So off the mark it’s laughable!!  Lovato fans are becoming David Archuleta fans each night after watching him!  You are so off the article!  Could not give an objective review if your life depended on it!!

And it went on and on and on for four pages.  This was through Google Alerts today, but I thought you might like to go and read the entire review.  My personal opinion: it is so off base and it’s possible this guy does not like American Idol and finds David’s music not to his liking.  What concerns me is that some reviews are not fair and seem to highlight the Disney Machine since many of his remarks posed in that direction.  I am sure he got the message that his review was not appreciated and his lack of knowledge on David Archuleta’s talent is somewhat missing the mark.  Perhaps in the future he will be less candid and more accurate when reviewing great talent.

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  • minja | 1 | 11th July 2009 at 10:36 am |

    I listened to the songs David sang in Glendale and didn’t hear pitchy and David did not seem “tentative” to me. Maybe Mr. Masley dislikes American Idol so much that he tunes out when an AI alum is performing. His last sentence was just plain mean-spirited. I have a strong suspicion that some blog reporters say such things for the sole purpose of generating website hits. It might be better if fans would not take the bait.

  • robin711 | 2 | 12th July 2009 at 11:01 pm |

    David was sick as a dog that day and performed like a pro. Most other artists would have cancelled but David is a trooper and I’ve never heard him pitchy.