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Secret Word Game

The Secret Word Game will return…but when? That is the question.

Until then, if you are really into word games, you could count all the times the words “David Archuleta” have appeared on this blog since September 2008!. haha!

Oops! October’s Secret Word Laid an Egg!

What would Groucho Marx say!? To paraphrase him, “Either this game is dead or my watch has stopped.”

I’m sorry we don’t have a winner of the fabulous VIP prizes from Robin711. I’m so lame — and busy having holiday fun — that I’ll extend October’s game into November. It’ll be called November’s Secret Word and it will have the same three clues from last month, forever known as “The month that laid an egg.” Nothing changes, except, hopefully, the outcome. This time there will be a winner, or I’ll roll over in a Marxist’s grave.

Borrowing from Groucho again, let me just say, “I have had a perfectly wonderful time, but this wasn’t it.”

Better luck in November!

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