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Secret Word Game

News Flash!

The Winner is bigarchiefan! And the word is “daffodils”. The winning post occurred yesterday which just happens to be my birthday. Congratulations, bigarchiefan!

In Wales St. David’s Day is celebrated on March 1. People wear daffodils on his feast day. When David rose to address a great crowd in Ceredigion, the ground rose under his feet forming a little hill so that all could hear him. Doesn’t this remind you of David in concert?!

I hope you’ll enjoy using the word “daffodil” in your posts in the remaining days left in March. A new Secret Word game begins soon!

Secret Word Game for March 2009

“Bee” the first to type the Secret Word in a post this month and you’ll receive KUDOS and a prize! Write your post the way you normally do. Minja — that’s yours truly — will read everyone’s posts, looking out for the Secret Word. The first Honeybee to use the Secret Word wins. After someone wins, the Secret Word will be announced. Then all Honeybees can write a new post using the Secret Word. Let’s make March a great month for creating Sweet Buzz for David Archuleta.

HINT #1: renewal
HINT #2: Think Spring!
HINT #3: Looks like the sun is blooming.

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