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Secret Word Game

News Flash! We have a WINNER!

The Winner is pikepss! And the word is “gravity”. The winning post was written on May 12. Congratulations, pikepss! I’ll be contacting her personally soon to get her prizes in the mail!

This month may have been named for the Greek goddess Maia, who was identified with the Roman goddess of fertility, Bona Dea, whose festival was held in May. The word ‘fertility’ is associated with ‘gravity’ because the Latin root word for both is gravis. From gravis we get both ‘gravity’ and ‘gravidity’ meaning pregnancy. Therefore, May is the ideal month in which to celebrate Mother’s Day. Let’s also think of the gravity of David’s career as he tours the United Kingdom and performs in Manila this month. His career is “heavy with promise” of great things to come.

In her wonderful post about her trip to England to see David, pikepss mentions the title of one of his songs, and luckily, it was the winning title!

Nothing brings me down
When you’re around
It’s like zero gravity.
“Zero Gravity” by David Archuleta and Mike Krompass

Secret Word Game for May 2009

“Bee” the first to type the Secret Word in a post this month and you’ll receive KUDOS and prizes! Write your post the way you normally do. Minja — that’s yours truly — will read everyone’s posts, looking out for the Secret Word. The first Honeybee to use the Secret Word wins. After someone wins, the Secret Word will be announced. Then all Honeybees can write a new post using the Secret Word. Let’s make May a great month for creating Sweet Buzz for David Archuleta.

HINT #1: The Secret Word is a heavy noun.

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