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Simon Cowell interview in TV Guide

6 May 2009



Simon Cowell is pictured on the cover of the current edition of  TV Guide (May 4 – 10), and there is a long article featuring an interview with him.  I quickly skimmed the article since I’m not the least bit interested in Season 8 of American Idol, when my eyes fixed upon the following quotation in connection with Season 7’s finale:

“I thought David Archuleta walked the final last year.  Sitting in that theater, judging the audience, if I had a million dollars to bet, it would have all gone to David Archuleta.  We were literally gobsmacked that David Cook won.  I don’t care who wins, by the way, I just want it to feel like a competition.”

A couple of things struck me about what he said.  First of all, we all know he does care who wins, given how heavily he campaigned on Cook’s behalf prior to the final, and how his comments during the show were intended to fire up Cook’s fan base while lulling David’s into complacency.  Secondly, I have to think Cowell is eying David’s success both at home and internationally, and is positioning himself to appear as though he always thought it would happen.  When David reaches World Idol status, no doubt Simon will say it was only because he was too young he didn’t win, or something of that nature.  After all, Simon is never wrong!

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  • minja | 1 | 7th May 2009 at 2:37 pm |

    What Simon says should always be subjected to further scrutiny. I don’t trust him because of the way he behaved on AI 2008. I have lost any respect I had for AI’s producers and “judges”. Judges are supposed to be objective. When they turn themselves into advocates, something fishy is going on — and it usually smells like money. Then there’s the corporate connection between AI and TMZ which really stinks.

  • Katheryn | 2 | 7th May 2009 at 8:17 pm |

    I didn’t know TMZ was associated with A.I. How disgusting. I’m now more convinced than ever the phony story about Jeff Archuleta being a stage dad was completely choreographed by A.I. producers. Scum bags all of them. I’m curious: where did you learn about this?

    The good news is that karma, for lack of a better term, is taking hold of that show. First the depature of Simon Lythgoe, and now the potential departure of Simon Cowell after this season ends. (I pray it happens.) If Simon Cowell leaves, the show will probably only survive a couple more years. For some unknown reason, Americans are fascinated with this guy. I think it’s a love/hate relationship in that people love the drama he brings to the show, but dislike him on a personal level. I certainly hope not too many like him as an individual. That would be a sad indictment indeed!

  • minja | 3 | 8th May 2009 at 10:12 am |

    In May of last year I read that the FCC had voted to give “TMZ” newsworthy status. (sources below) This angered me so much that I posted the following on FanBlast:

    May 12, 2008

    “The Internet is either going to kill AI or turn it into a non-family-friendly gladiator sport where the top contestants will be those who can draw the most blood from both their fans and non-fans.

    When I watched AI years ago, I didn’t go to the Net for anything and I enjoyed it more. I simply listened to the performers and voted for the one I liked best.

    This year I got interested again only because David Archuleta is a musical genius. I have enjoyed being one of his fans, but I wish I had never looked to the Internet for information about ‘my Idol’. The coverage by so-called “entertainment journalists”, biased bloggers, and rumor-mongers has been atrocious. They have gone deep into the gutter to slander this young, talented singer.

    This is the world of “tabloid television” pioneered by Rubert Murdoch and his sort. AI is a Fox program, and TMZ, a venue for video paparazzi, has a multi-year contract to air on Fox’s owned and operated TV stations. By FCC law, the broadcaster has the ultimate responsibility for ‘newsworthy’ content. An entertainment journalist who really wants to write something “fair and balanced” should look into the connection between these two TV shows.

    It’s a shame that American culture has stooped this low.

    And it’s a terrible shame that the music industry provided no other way for David Archuleta to sing.”

    During Homecoming Week last year, TMZ spread the “news” about Jeff being banned backstage — TMZ named an “unidentified AI source”. I don’t believe that this wasn’t intentional and well-timed to hurt David’s chances of winning.

    The only reason I didn’t completely lose it was the realization that AI had to use all its power to prevent David from winning!

    Another thing, Murdoch also owns TV Guide.




  • goboywonder | 4 | 9th May 2009 at 4:54 pm |

    Yes, but if God be for you, who can be against you? These people could not and still can not keep David down, not Simon, TMZ, Murdoch, or even Cook’s fans for that matter, haha. Long after American Idol’s demise, David will be just hitting his stride.

  • minja | 5 | 11th May 2009 at 1:15 pm |

    I agree, goboywonder. David certainly out-shines them all. And his youth gives me great hope for the future. David will inspire many young people to become better, wiser, and happier human beings. In turn, they will create new economic, political, and social models that serve us all.

  • lyrix | 6 | 11th May 2009 at 3:27 pm |

    Simon is an a**. He can put on his cute little “I am shocked” face for the public to see, but I am past seeing him with rose tinted glasses and what I see is ugly. Simon and the producers orchestrate American Idol under the guise of “Reality TV and season seven ended just the way they wanted it to.
    What I feel is so sad, is, American Idol should/ could be a fun entertaining show. They just need to play fair with their contestants and the audience, so one does not end up with a terrible taste in their mouth after participating.
    Sorry for the rant. (sniffle)