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The David Archuleta ‘Song of the Week’

14 June 2010



Songs  As I was leaving work on Friday, I turned on some music for the car ride home. The day had been full of stress and I was completely done. Of course, my music of choice is anything from David Archuleta; his voice always soothes my frayed nerves and puts me in a better mood. The song that came on the car stereo was a ‘live’ version of a song on David’s self-titled debut album. He has only sung this song in concert twice; as I listened to him pour himself into this song, I was most impressed with the way he made me believe what he was singing. It is a song my teenage son and his friends have always liked, probably because it is full of teenage angst. Now listening to David sing it ‘live’, I was truly moved by his words and the feelings he was expressing. It has become one of my favorite ‘live’ performances in my David Archuleta collection.

The Song of the Week is…


“Desperate” was written by Andreas Carlsson, Desmond Child, and brothers Alexander and Konstantin Rethwisch. This group of well-known songwriters has collectively written hit songs for many famous singers. As the German rock band Stanfour, they wrote and recorded “Desperate” for their album Wild Life in 2008. It was mainly recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, and in the band’s studio on the German island of Föhr, but also in Los Angeles.

Listen to a brief clip of the original song by Stanfour. (To find “Desperate,” you need to click on “alle 14 Tracks anzeigen.”)

“Desperate” is a very deep, almost dark, song about feeling hopeless and alone. It’s a very different type of song for the young and happy David Archuleta, who usually sings more upbeat, positive songs. But in my opinion, this song works well for him, because many young people can relate to its message of desperation and fear. They are searching for a “reason to keep believin'” that someday they’ll see the light. These lyrics express the kinds of feelings and emotions many adolescents have. As I mentioned earlier, my own teenage son felt a real connection to this song. In my life, there have been times when I too felt alone and thought my problems were more than I could handle. So I can relate to the song on some level—I suppose we all can!

From his self-titled debut album, here is David singing, “Desperate,” with lyrics:

(Video courtesy of nickjonasfreak216)

Accompanying himself on the keyboard, David sings “Desperate” live for the first time in concert last August in Rockford, IL. I love the way he asks the audience to forgive him if he messes up. Watch him as he belts out this song; his face is filled with emotion and his voice is so strong and powerful. Notice those silky smooth lower notes!

(Video courtesy of StarryNites01)

I hope everyone has a nice week and may you always have a friend to help you through those times when you may be feeling desperate! 😉

Take care all ,

Listen to Song of Last Week.

David Archuleta, the Voice

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  • minja | 1 | 14th June 2010 at 1:02 pm |

    “Desperate” has a haunting sound which David captures well. I too love his lower notes. His baritone is still developing. When he is in his late twenties-early thirties, I think it’s going to be luxurious and give him an even richer sound. I hope his second pop album will have more songs like “Desperate.” Thanks for the information, Katie!