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David Archuleta Weekly Buzz Wrap

21 February 2010
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  pikepss Weekly on David Archuleta Good morning Honeybees and Fans! Twenty five years ago we were concerned about hunger and starvation in Africa. Last week a remake of “We Are The World” made its broadcast debut for the earthquake survivors in Haiti. This week a new version in Spanish was recorded with David Archuleta […]

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David Archuleta – My Mom Is Teaching Me How to Dance To Bachata!

20 February 2010
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David twitters: “My mom is teaching me how to dance to bachata. I love bachata.” I had never heard of the Bachata until David Archuleta twittered about it and from what I have seen it is a very sexy dance. I am sure there are different variations but the following videos will give you a […]

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