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Where’s David? Nooo!!! Season 8! Where’s Season 7?

20 January 2010
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David Archuleta and the rest of the gang from Season 7 should have a group CD out, not this one! What the heck is this CD??  I have been waiting for something to come out for Season 7 for ages and this is what they give us!!  Oh no, American Idol has lost it!  Only $5.00 (although […]

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Another Good Reason to Give David’s CDs

15 August 2009
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I was walking down the hall at work yesterday…after getting back from a 2 week vacation so I was pretty worn out and overwhelmed at having to be at work. I heard this wonderful voice coming from the dining room. Then it hit me… It was David. I had given the restorative techs a CD […]

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David Archuleta’s Rep

16 February 2009
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When David’s cd came out on 11/11/08, I made myself his rep for Englewood, Florida. This is a small town of about 60,000-80,000 people. So I would buy his cds and give them to people that I thought would like him. Well I hope my work is paying off (don’t know but one can only […]

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