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David Archuleta – Season 9 “Idols” In His Shadow

12 March 2010
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Last night watching American Idol I realized that David Archuleta has totally spoiled me for any other singers. Whether they are seasoned by years of experience in the music industry or new talent being exposed on national TV such as the “American Idol” contestants, he has spoiled me!! Critiquing young talent is difficult, especially when […]

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David Archuleta – TV Guide 2008

17 February 2010
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American Idol Top Three highlighted in TV Guide, May 19-25, 2008 issue! Remember when we bought any and all magazines that featured David Archuleta when he was on Season 7 of American Idol?  Somehow I missed out and was lucky enough to order this copy on Amazon.com and it arrived today.  Haha!  I need to […]

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Where’s David? Nooo!!! Season 8! Where’s Season 7?

20 January 2010
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David Archuleta and the rest of the gang from Season 7 should have a group CD out, not this one! What the heck is this CD??  I have been waiting for something to come out for Season 7 for ages and this is what they give us!!  Oh no, American Idol has lost it!  Only $5.00 (although […]

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