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David Archuleta + Emanuel Kiriakou = Cheerleader Humor While Recording!

18 March 2010
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Humor comes on all levels but Eman is the tops when it comes to David Archuleta’s recent episode with cheerleaders and volleyball players rushing him after he disembarks his plane arriving in Los Angeles. Eman, I love you! David’s (Dry Humor) is priceless and reminds me of the kidding David Cook gave him during the […]

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David Archuleta – @davidarchie in the booth….where he belongs when he’s not on stage.

16 February 2010
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It’s hard to distinguish who is more impressed with whom—David Archuleta with the songwriters he has been working with these last few weeks or the  songwriters Emanuel Kiriakou and Claude Kelly with David.  Such amazing talent gathered together in one room creating the best of Pop Music today with the realization they have the best Pop […]

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David Archuleta Twittered – I get mixed up when my aunt talks to her dog.

11 February 2010
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This is so funny on so many levels, how and where do I start! In the car this morning when David Archuleta sent this over Twitter, I nearly drove off the freeway laughing my head off. Someone needs to document all of his twitters in a book and publish them. Amazon.com surely would have gigantic […]

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