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31 January 2009



Want a ticket GOOD LUCK !  Make sure you type fast and furious when they come on ticketmaster as they have been selling out in just a couple of minutes.   Who was worried that David’s tour would be hard to sell?  Not me!  In fact I think they should have been in bigger venues.  Not necessarily 10,000 but surely bigger than 800 as in Pomona.  Yes I love the fact that it will be more of an intimate performance with less people but so many will be left out because of the small venues being sold out so quickly.   However, good for David that he can pack them in so quickly.  Well, the only way to resolve this predicament is to have another tour!!!!!!!!!!! 

What is this I hear about Hawaii?   Oh My, too good to be true!  Those soft sunsets,  the sound of waves gentley caressing the shore,  the fragrant aroma of  exotic flowers,  the feel of  the island breeze, and David singing with his velvet voice.  Why am I still here?  I should be booking that flight right now!!!!!  I just died and went to HEAVEN!!!  Definately waiting for confirmation on those dates!!!  Aloha everyone!!

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  • Katheryn | 1 | 1st February 2009 at 12:43 pm |

    I’m thrilled at how fast tickets have been selling! I’m with you, pikepss, in thinking the venues could have been larger, but I believe at least some of them number in the thousands (Chicago, for example).

    Perhaps David’s management underestimated ticket sales, or perhaps the smaller venues were deliberate. I happen to believe it’s a combination of the two. Azoff is probably used to dealing with more established artists like The Eagles, for example, and he may not have any idea how widespread David’s fan base is. On the other hand, I think these smaller venues provide a great way for David to become comfortable with the idea of being on a solo tour, plus this will be another great learning experience for him.

    There was some internet buzz about David singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl when it was thought that Jennifer Hudson had backed out due to her family tragedy. I was one of those fans who emailed the NFL suggesting they consider David as a replacement. Maybe, just maybe those emails played a role in getting David the job at the Pro Bowl!

  • minja | 2 | 2nd February 2009 at 6:38 pm |

    David probably prefers the smaller venues. Most singers would, I think, because there is more control of the acoustics in a smaller theatre. I’m so excited to be able to see & hear David closer!