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VoteFair Poll Results

8 February 2009



I just looked at the results for this year-long poll and thought the results fit what some have been saying all along about the voting on AI finale. I may have missed it, but don’t recall seeing it posted anywhere:

Season 7 commentary
The final VoteFair poll results indicated that David Archuleta was slightly more popular than David Cook, so what happened?
Having the phone lines open for four hours surely limited the late-night and after-midnight calls from younger fans. David Archuleta has more young fans than David Cook, so this gave an advantage to older fans, and therefore David Cook. This alone could account for the surprise result.


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  • minja | 1 | 8th February 2009 at 11:36 am |

    I heard Dean Kaelin say this about the younger voters after the show. Also, a Cook fan bragged on a blog that she voted more than 25,000 times. I think many Cookies used telephony software to log tons of votes. This is the main flaw in AI. If the show allowed only one vote per telephone, the results would more accurately represent the contestants’ popularity. Even if they would set a low limit, say 5 votes, per household, it would be better.

    But it won’t happen. They like saying “30 million” votes, knowing that many people, even media types who should know better, will think and report that 30 million people voted.