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Voting for David Archuleta

11 July 2009



Our affection for David Archuleta shows we are climbing mountains, running through barriers desperately seeking a million votes in all categories.  As we Twitter on our phones my hand is and I imagine all of yours, are clicking faster and faster each day.

An alarm clock next to my bed is set extra early just to get in more voting.  All the restless nights I spend dreamin of the day he walks on that red carpet in a new pair of  stylish tennis shoes, I smile.  Our protection of David is like a waterfall it never fails or stops.

He deserves the moon and in my bones I know he will win.  We must keep the watch and never tire of devoting our time and efforts.  Everyone hop on the train to Davidville and let’s get him more surfboards, awards, buzz, and the numbers he needs to makes his and our wishes come true.

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  • robin711 | 1 | 12th July 2009 at 11:00 pm |

    This post is so clever!