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15 May 2010



DA week that was in the life of David Archuleta

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Keeping up with the über-talented, awe-inspiring, world-travelling David Archuleta can be a full-time job. Even the most (D)avid fans among us don’t always have time to follow David. Here are some of last week’s top stories about the awesome David Archuleta.

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News, Reviews, and Interviews

Billboard Poll: Best American Idol Ever!
by Billboard.com
12 May 2010

Recently, Billboard.com listed the Top 24 American Idols of All-Time based on album and single sales and radio play. David Archuleta came in at number 8. Now Billboard has a poll to select the Best American Idol Ever. You can vote (for David Archuleta) as often as you like until May 19.

First, vote for your favorite male (David Archuleta) and female American Idol contestants.

Vote for Best Male Ever (David Archuleta) and Vote for Best Female Ever.

Then return to Billboard.com on May 19 to vote for the Best American Idol Ever (David Archuleta). It will be a runoff between the Best Male (David Archuleta) and Best Female.

David Archuleta Speaks
by David Burger, Salt Lake City Tribune
14 May 2010

Mr. Burger talked briefly with David Archuleta about his book, Chords of Strength. He asked him why someone who is 19 wrote a memoir. David replied, “People do memoirs later in life, but I’ve had experiences. I wasn’t born yesterday.”

David said he spent the most time on the spiritual parts of the book, and said writing and distributing his book is like his mission. “It’s very much like a missionary experience for me,” he said.

Source: Salt Lake City Tribune

Simon Fuller Marks 160 Million Milestone for iTunes
by Jill Serjeant
10 May 2010

British TV Producer Simon FullerAmerican Idol creator Simon Fuller on Monday marked a digital music milestone, and said he was looking to the Internet and other digital platforms for the next big thing in global entertainment…Fred Bronson, author of The Billboard Book of Number One Hits, called Fuller’s 160 million iTunes tally “historic” in a decade which has seen album sales slump while cheaper digital sales soar.

Source: Read the full article

More info on Wired.com, such as this little gem:

“…These strategies have made [Simon] Fuller a very wealthy man, and have given Apple a strong, steady income stream as well. Assuming that all of these songs were purchased individually for 99 cents apiece, and given the standard iTunes music revenue split (35/65 percent), Apple has earned at least $56 million from the sale of Fuller’s digital music to date, while his 19 Entertainment company has taken in nearly $88 million – a number sure to turn other music executives’ stomachs.”

David’s World

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Blogs and Vlogs

11 May 2010

Due to technical difficulties, David Archuleta posted a “Happy Late Mother’s Day” vlog.

23 April 2010

music blog graphic for David Archuleta's blogs“I am checking in from LA today, and I’ve had some good writing sessions this week already. I worked with Guy Chambers, who wrote Angels with Robbie Williams, and Erika Nuri from The Writing Camp. I also had writing sessions last week with Sam Hollander and Sluggo, who my friend Travis from We The Kings actually told me about because he has worked a lot with them. I also worked with a bunch of other really great writers, who you’ve probably seen me talk about on Twitter. But I actually have another writing session today with the Nexus lol. And I’ll let you guys know how that goes too!…”
posted April 23, 2010

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Appearances – Recent & Future

  • 13 May 2010: David met with 19 Entertainment, Los Angeles
  • Continuing to work on next album in Los Angeles recording studios
  • 2 June 2010: AOL TV’s Something Pitchy
  • No further publicly-announced appearances, except for Book Signing Events in June (See next item.)

Chords of Strength Book Signing Tour

enlargeDavid Archuleta's first copy of his book, Chords of Strength, 30 April 2010On 15 April David Archuleta was at the Long Island, NY, printers when his book cover came off the press. Fifteen days later on 30 April he has the first copy of Chords of Strength in his hands! He shared this photo on Twitpix. Isn’t it exciting!? It’s a beautiful book. Chords of Strength will be available online and in bookstores on 1 June 2010. You can pre-order your copy for $15.61 today on Amazon.com.

enlargeChords of Strength by David Archuleta, book cover

Book tour dates:
  1 June – Bookends, Ridgewood, NJ
  2 June – Borders, Manhattan, NY
  3 June – Barnes & Noble, Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, NY
  5 June – Barnes & Noble, Mall of America, Bloomington, MN
  7 June – Deseret Books, Salt Lake City, UT
  8 June – Deseret Books, Orem, UT
17 June – Deseret Books, Rexburg, ID (Performance too!?)

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David Archuleta and another Dawg

enlargeDavid Archuleta's singing companion, Sweet Georgy BrownIt was late Friday night. Very late. During a “pause” in the recording studio, David Archuleta, AKA singing sensation “dawg,” gave his headphones to this little sweetie named “Georgy.” Oh Sweet Georgy Brown! Maybe she’ll go on tour with him.

Follow David Archuleta on Twitter. He is fast approaching 372,000 followers, but who’s counting? —I am!!! During the past five weeks, David has averaged 3,300 new followers each week.


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The Buzz: David Archuleta’s meeting with 19 Entertainment
13 May 2010

Fans of David Archuleta were all a-tweeter over his tweet that he had a meeting with 19 Entertainment, American Idol‘s talent management company. David wrote, “I always love seeing everyone at 19 Entertainment haha.” Gina Orr, the company’s vice president of publicity, tweeted to David that “it was good to see you today too!” So between tweets, what was the subject on the table, inquiring minds want to know!?

I think I know. David Archuleta and 19 Entertainment were negotiating a duet contract between David and Sweet Georgy Brown for the summer tour. The bargainkening went on for hours until the neighbors in the office next door complained.

David Archuleta is managed by Azoff whose long roster of recording artists includes Christina Aguilera, The Eagles, Neil Diamond and Morrisey. Azoff’s Jared Paul, the man behind fellow pop balladeers Nick Lachey and New Kids on the Block, is David’s A&R guy. Most industry insiders believe it is a good idea to have a separation between management and recording.

Did you miss last week’s Weekly Wrap? If you’ve fallen far behind, you should seriously search the Archhives! It’s not too late to reclaim your status as a David Archuleta fanatic fan!

DA Weekly Buzz about David Archuleta!

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